Invitation to Pitch: Showcase your Charity on the 25th November

Since the creation of the The Saughall Hoedown in 2015, the event has become a landmark event in the calendar.
The organisers and volunteers work throughout the year to mould the day to the best of their abilities, historically in aid of the local Scouts and more recently the Saughall Preschool. Last year we raised over £1500.

The Hoedown in 2018 is provisionally on the 7th July.

Following the support and input from the Preschool over the last two years, we (the organising team) have decided to cement the Preshool as a benefactee for the foreseeable future. In turn, it was put forward and agreed that the Hoedown would support an additional charity; half of the proceeds going to each charity.

We had various discussions about which charities would be good to support. We put ideas forward. Some were suggested due to personal connections, some were the ‘charity giants’ that receive support from events across the country, and across the entire year.

It didn’t feel balanced that we simply choose a charity based on personal preference, or connections of previous support. We felt that we ought to allow local charities the opportunity to put their ideas forward. These charities will want to garner support, awareness and funds, whilst also helping the Hoedown in reciprocation. Therefore, we have created an opportunity for charities based in, and operating primarily within Cheshire, Wirral and Flintshire. 

Our aim has always been straightforward: Support the local community. This is one more way in which we can do so.

The date for pitching is the 25th of November. Throughout the session we will come to understand how you and your team will support the Hoedown at Kings Acre.

If you are eligible, you will be given a 40 minute time slot in which you will meet the team and have an open, informal discussion about how these criteria will be met, to the benefit of all:

  • Assistance with the online and offline marketing and sharing of information about the Hoedown.
  • Helping spread the word – online and at events you attend (flyer distribution, etc)
  • Assistance with (providing volunteers and helpers) the setup of the event on the day.
  • In the two or three days ahead of the event, we need helpers to assist putting up tents, signage and bunting, etc.
  • Volunteers to help run the event on the day under direction of a number of Hoedown team leaders.
  • Provision for the clean up team on the Sunday – min. 5 people – more the merrier, many hands make light work!
  • Guarantee of help taking down tents and marquees on the Sunday.
  • Assistance with the sale of tickets prior to the event, directing people to the website (we don’t do paper tickets).
  • The ability to send a representative to meetings to assist with the flow of information.

If you wish to nominate your charity organisation or not-for-profit, then please get in touch: We have a dedicated coordinator with whom you need to make contact: