Joe Bennett’s Guitar Virtuosity Curiosity

“I’ve been playing covers part time alongside working as a fishmonger and recently a legal administrator! For roughly 2-3 years now, I run an open mic in West Kirby where I hang my hat and lay my head each night. A quiet town full of musicians and good fun to be had!”

Joe’s covers are generally a lively set of classic sing-a-longs such as belters from the late and great David Bowie, Michael Jackson, George Michael to the modern workings of George Ezra, Of Monsters & Men etc! He always ends sets on what’s become a signature song of to cover – so come along and check out the fun! If he can’t hear you singing or dancing along… you’ll be in big trouble!

Joe utilises a range of instruments; a trusted loop pedal, a cajon, a stompbox and other odds and ends! There’s something for everyone in what he does, he loves to provide fun and laughter to those around joining in the jam! Come and see what Joe has to offer and most importantly enjoy the creativity and have a quality day with us all!