Lineup 2016 [Legacy]

Last years bands…

Glaaswalkers – 12:00 – 12:20
David Watson – 12:30 – 13:00
Will Riding – 13:05 – 13:35
Ceilidh – 14:00 – 16:00 
Sarah Dean – 16:15 – 17:00
The Motley Ukes – 17:15 – 18:00
Kevin Critchley – 18:15 – 19:00
Campfire Social – 19:15 – 20:00
Northern Outlaws – 20:15 – 21:00
David Greenald – 21:15 – 21:45
Emily Howard – 22:00 – 22:30
Alx Green – 22:45 – 23:15
John Coley – 23:30 – 00:00


Llangollen / Chester-based 5 piece, Campfire Social, are a refuge from the wild woods all around. Their incandescent, melodic songs take the intimate heartbreak of Elliott Smith and embellish with golden harmonies borrowed from The Beach Boys. They’re the soundtrack to a touching and woozily nostalgic indie film, something by Jason Reitman or Lenny Abrahamson, as filmed in golden tones on the England / northeast Wales borders.

Campfire Social grew out of the ashes of the very highly regarded, and lamented, Shy & the Fight (Radio 1, 6Music airplay; multiple festival appearances; debut single on Popty Ping Records). Tom was that band’s chief songwriter.

Campfire Social is an uplifting and incredibly beguiling refinement of his talents. Tom sums his songwriting philosophy up in typically unshowy fashion: “it’s about taking a personal subject that I think everyone can relate to and giving it life by adding a hopeful melody.”

If the shadows and monsters are getting to you, Campfire Social are a sanctuary of warmest humanity and crackling, luminous melancholy. The kind of melancholy that makes the heart flutter and take flight. Come and sit next to them. There’s plenty of room for everyone.

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 We are a (mostly) acoustic band!

Glaaswalkers Version 1 is when all band members are there but, if one of us is away (Brian in this case) we morph into Glaaswalkers Version 2,

For The Saughall Hoedown, we’ll be including Sam on Fiddle, Matt on Double Bass/Acoustic Frettless Bass and Mike on Squeezeboxes and whistles.

Sam started playing violin longer ago than she cares to remember and discovered the fiddle at a Battlefield Band gig at Theatr Clwyd, which was also longer ago than she wants to admit.  After a break, she has been with the Glaaswalkers since 2015.

Matt (the Moose) has been playing music since his childhood, was involved with the ‘ Knights of the Occasional Table’ and is the font of knowledge in all things musical, he plays Double Bass, Fretless electro acoustic bass and piano.

Mike  pens the occasional tune or song, plays Squeezeboxes ( Melodeon, concertina) harmonicas and whistles. Started playing in his youth, playing at Folk Clubs and Sessions … wherever his various jobs took him before progressing to various bands (Geronmo’s Cadillac, Root Chords) and settling in the Llangollen area.

The style of music for  Glaaswalkers Version 2 includes the  Irish and Scottish traditions, our own Cajun influenced tunes and random songs that seem to fit in with what we do!

We absolutely love what we do, hope you do to!



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Kevin Critchley

Kevin Critchley is a Liverpool based singer-songwriter know for his compelling performances, powerful vocals and flamenco style guitar playing. With comparisons to the likes of Jeff Buckley and bruce Springsteen, Critchley delivers a unique mix of poetic tale-telling lyrics and upbeat rock/folk music. 

He has supported Seth Lakeman, Sharon Corr, Ian McNabb, James Walsh, Amsterdam, Mark Morriss, Micah Paris, Ruarri Joseph and Stephan Langstaff.

Last year he played at numerous festivals such as Threshold, Bankswood Inspire Festival, Farm Feast, The Gathering, Hopefest, Off The Cut Festival and The Liverpool Acoustic Festival.

The new studio album ‘As I Disappear’ was released 26th October 2015. It was recorded at The Motor Museum in Liverpool with producer Al Groves.

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Incredible String Blonde

Nicknamed “The Incredible String Blonde!” Sarah Dean melds the mesmeric and atmospheric soundscapes of the Celtic Harp with a voice one reviewer described as “Pure as any he has ever heard” to create spellbinding songs inspired by nature, cloud watching and happy dogs!


sarah galtres 2014

Though Alx has been playing in bands for many years, and only relatively recently he started to indulge his love for acoustic based music, and we’re very glad he did. The 26 year old self-taught musician grew up heavily influenced by his musical parents and began playing guitar at a very young age.

Marrying skilful songwriting with delicate arrangement and performance, but with a vocal capable of travelling from soft and intimate, to huge soaring dynamics, his music is evocative of classic acoustic songwriting, but with a new, fresh voice” At the end of 2015 he released the EP ‘Oceans’, quit his job, bought a van and has ever since been travelling around Europe playing gigs, open mic nights, busking and sharing his music wherever he can.

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Will Riding

In the late 90s Will relocated to Chester from his home in a farming community in West Lancashire.

Although suffering with sporadic hearing loss and raising a young family he did enough to keep his hand in, learning songs for the Chester Folk Festival, which attended annually and done for some years. He still harboured plans of writing for himself and often scribbled notes and ideas which were stored in a large carrier bag for when the time was right.

After getting his ears fixed he decided to kick it up a gear. He bought an eight track recorder with the idea of using it to help him practice, record and play over himself. He got carried away and over a couple of years produced a rather large body of work under the project name of “The Naughty Step.

In 2012, Will developed a footwear fetish and got busy writing. He ventured out and started playing two of his own songs “Favourite Shoes” and “The Elves And The Shoemaker”, amongst a repertoire of standards. Encouraged up by the reception these songs got he continues to write and is getting his songs out to a wider audience. He has slowly built up a body of songs inspired by people, places and the common experiences we all share.

The links below contain instrumental works, and demos recorded directly onto a portable recorder.

(Will is hoping to record in April and produce a sample EP sometime in the Summer. He is also hoping to have a following on his Facebook music page to reflect the increase in his activities.)





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Northern Outlaws

The Northern Outlaw’s have been together, for over 2 years and play classic Americana, which encompasses cover’s of The Band, Bob Dylan, Old Crow Medicine Show, ‘Leadbelly’ and traditional, America Root’s music.

Expect to hear ‘The Weight’, ‘You Ain’t Goin Nowhere’, ‘Wagon Wheel’, ‘ ‘Aint No More Cain’.

The Band had great pleasure in playing last year’s Hoedown Festival, have regular played venue’s around the Chester area and host a regular monthly ‘jam’ session@golden eagle.


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Well known on the south west music scene, Exeter-based Emily has been compared with Joni Mitchell mixed with Ani DiFranco, plus a bit of Amy MacDonald and KT Tunstall thrown in.

Career highlights for Emily include supporting Josienne Clarke and Ben Walker, Philip Henry and Hannah Martin, Jim Causley and Three Daft Monkeys. She’s a regular on the festival circuit, including Port Eliot, WOMAD, Devon Dub Fest and Beautiful Days.

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David Watson

Chester-based singer/songwriter David Watson can usually be seen performing as a solo artist in the clubs and pubs in Chester but will, without any encouragement, also form loose associations with fellow musicians from, for example, The Chester Songwriters Group or with members of Full House/Galleon Blast.

You never know what you are going to hear. It could be covers of pop songs from the 60s through to the present day. You could hear folk/country rock songs through to blues rock or harder rock covers of artists such as Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Jackson Browne, Springsteen, Neil Young, Clapton or The Stones. It could just as easily be a selection of traditional and contemporary folk tunes or even a touch of country.

Of course it depends on the venue and the audience, but he has, since he started playing, developed a blues selection from classic blues songs of the early part of the 20th century to more contemporary British blues. Therefore one or two of these might be on the list for the evening. He also has, as a songwriter, quite a list of his own material to slip into a set.

In the past he has always written tunes for recording but now tries to write more for live playing. (Some of these are below)

He is happy to shares ideas and collaborate with other songwriters and musicians and has set up a Dropbox to facilitate music file sharing and editing.

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