Rik Van Den Bosch

Rik writes, sings, and plays his own songs on his acoustic guitar, drawing from a wide influence of styles: original folk and blues sounds from way back, sixties’ rock ’n’ roll grooves, and up-to-the-minute pure rock rhythms – with a bit of gypsy and Spanish influence thrown in for good measure. He’s a one-man-band, armed with a variety of tools to create a full and interesting sound, from his slide and harmonica to his incredible vocal range. He is a storyteller, both in and between the songs in his set.

Rik shies away from textbook techniques, settling outside the margins of academic art and making up his own rules. And he’s been doing this for a long time! At the age of seven he built his own guitar using a tin can, a chunk of wood and a nylon string. Rik continues to push the boundaries of musical orthodoxy, delivering his latest E.P. ‘Love on the rocks’ with four brand new recordings and four brand new video clips alongside. The songs were recorded with a band especially formed for the occasion, and recorded in Barcelona in the summer of 2016.