Trade & Workshop Information

If you’re a purveyor of interesting wares,
you belong at the Saughall Hoedown.


We love bespoke foods, wacky jewellery and cool clothes. For a small donation we’d love for you to come and add to our growing community of awesome items for sale!

If you run wacky workshops in wonderful things we’d love you to run a space here in the festival too! We already have a number of workshops being arranged so if you’d like to submit a brief please email the link below.

For information please email

New this year is a greater input towards a sort of festival village. It is intended to give Saughall Hoedown another angle. To apply we will need some idea of what it is you do. We will vet the stands to ones that fit in with the festival theme. As this is the second year of the Hoedown we can’t promise you an expected level of bookings. Last year we sold 155 tickets. Children were free and of course there were a good number of volunteers and artists. It was a glorious day organised at short notice. We therefore hope that those numbers will be exceeded by a goodly amount. Hence, we are not asking for a set fee this year. We appreciate it will cost you something to bring your stand along so we ask that you take a view on the day and make an appropriate donation.

This is an extra development for us so any donation you make will go straight into the charity pot. Many thanks in anticipation and have a great day.

On the day: You will be sited near the main area which is a young orchard (v. young). You can drop stuff from your vehicle but then return it to the parking area. We cannot supply any cover so please feel free to bring along any gazebos/tents you wish.

Power is limited to lighting only. If you are requiring any more electrical demand please bring your own power source. Please ensure you comply with normal duty or care considerations. The rule on rubbish is please take it away with you. Please ensure you area is left as you found it. We wish you a successful day!!