Saughall Preschool: The Playground Project

We are aiming to do two things:

> Raise funds to facilitate the purchase of new equipment and materials to rebuild the playground.

> Gather volunteers to help renovate the playground as a working party.

Any and all skills & levels of involvement welcome!

The Preschool is in desperate need of help and funds to renovate their playground; currently the little ones are not allowed to use this playground because it does not meet the standards required by Ofsted. At the moment the kiddies are using a much smaller play area, away from the school building. This is less than ideal, and we can make a difference!

If you want to help, please contact us via Facebook or by email: (opens new tab/new email).


Ropey lean-to

There’s a lot of structure here already, we just need
some extra hands and help!

This preschool receives zero government funding, yet it is still subjected to Osfted standards.
This is a snapshot of the Ofsted documentation regarding playgrounds:

We’d love to put the regulations that the British Standards Institute keep,
however it (for some reason) costs money to get a copy of this.

This is not currently the case; the kids are simply unable to run around outside in a large open space – we can change this! With your help, this year at the Hoedown, you can make this a thing of the past!

Just imagine the look on those kiddies faces when we open up a brand new playground for them in September 2017!

Here are some more photos to pull on your heartstrings!

100 square meters of rubber tiles costs £2,500… every penny we raise helps the project.

Some of the equipment is still usable, we just need to spruce it up!

Help out & feel good!